It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news that after 8 years, we are officially closing the Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation. Although we have a great support system and a fabulous employee in Katherine Kapinos, who helps us with day-to-day operations (and truly much more), a nonprofit deserves more time commitment than we are able to give it.

We know that everyone who supported us had a passion to help our NICU community. On a personal level, we have a healthy and happy NICU graduate who is 6 ½ years old, Matthew. I (Stefanie) recently went through treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fortunately, I am 4-months cancer-free and doing better every day, but difficult times do not stop after one bad experience. There are no guarantees in life and we have experienced enough by now to know that all too well. As life changes occur, so to do our personal goals. We need to focus on Matthew because he is here with us on earth and deserves everything we can provide him. We will never forget our twins and they are a daily part of our lives. We will continue to do butterfly releases with our family and friends in memory of Jack & Abby and we hope that as you go through life and see a butterfly, that you’ll think of them and all the babies who have been lost too early or who have been through a NICU.

We are so honored that so many people have gotten to “know” Jack & Abby and that their memory will live on in so many ways. Closing the Foundation does not end our desire to help in our community. Life works in funny ways. I work at the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation and recently changed positions from Event Coordinator to Development Officer for Women’s and Children’s Services. Because of my experience raising money for Jack & Abby, I can continue my passion for all pediatric needs at Bon Secours. The most exciting is the future plan to renovate the St. Mary’s NICU. This has been a passion of ours since we were there 8 years ago and as many of you know personally, it is very much a need for our community.

The money remaining in our organization will be split up between the Bon Secours, HCA and VCU NICUs to be used for families as the social workers see fit. So the work of our organization is not over by today’s news, but will continue until the funds are depleted. Because of this decision, we will unfortunately not be hosting the Pints for Preemies event in October.

Because of the generosity of many of you, the Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation was able to raise over $250,000 and help hundreds of families in need during their NICU stays. We are proud that over the years, we helped so many in various ways including, but not limited to:

• Breast pump refrigeration system
• Breast pump rentals
• Car Seats
• Clothes
• Cremation services
• Cribs
• Diapers
• Family holiday dinners
• Formula
• Gas cards
• Hotel stays
• Nurse appreciation meals
• Pack n Plays
• Remembrance ceremonies
• Room in the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House
• And so much more!

There are no words to describe the emotions it took to make this decision, or the love and support that we have felt over the years and continue to feel every day. We thank you all so much for your compassion for us and so many in our community. Although this organization was started by us, it grew and was sustained by such wonderful and generous donors and volunteers.

We send our love to all of the families who have gone through a similar loss or are going through it right now. Thank you for all of your support.

With much gratitude,

Stefanie and Karl Smith
Parents of Jack, Abby and Matthew Smith

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